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There are many repair options, but only one with as strong a reputation for partnership, craftsmanship and work ethic as CSI’s Hail Repair Solutions (HRS) division. Our teams can mobilize worldwide, wherever nature strikes—and our expertise delivers the perfect formula of time, talent and resources, ensuring a seamless and satisfying repair every time.

CSI’s HRS division provides repairs related to hail as well as overspray damage, and more. Working with us ensures a smooth experience for all parties involved, as we handle all aspects of the claim to repair process and assume responsibility for any supplemental repairs.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, a senior management team that has supervised large storm-related repairs across the globe and resources that lead the industry, CSI is your Hail Repair Solution.

What is PDR?

Most hail damage is repaired through a process known as “Paintless Dent Repair” (PDR). This is a unique process by which minor dings and dents are removed using highly specialized craftsmanship; each dent is carefully massaged outwards from the back or underside of the damaged panel.

Why PDR?

PDR is a specialized technique that returns a car to its pre-storm condition while preserving factory paint and panels. Because PDR is the least invasive and fastest repair method for hail damage, it should be the first technique applied and maximized before defaulting to traditional repair methods.


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